eCollege Management Software

( for Junior and Degree Colleges with Semisters or without Semisters)

eCollegePlease see all features of the software below   See Below


  • Maintaing Student Information with Photo
  • Taking customized report of all Students based on requirement
  • saving photos of each student and displaying it in different reports
  • Generating Short and Details Bonafide Certificates, TCs
  • Attaching Scanned Documents for each student
  • Student HUB show all details of the student


  • Money Entered into Software can not be changed without Admin Permission. (this is being maintained  for the last 8 years)     
  • Managing Different types Of Fees (Both Structured and Unstructured):
    • Tuition Fee
    • Hostle Fee
    • Bus Fee
    • Admission Fee
    • Previous Year Fee Balance
    • Old Student Fee
    • Miscellanious Fee
    • Concession
    • Lab Fee
    • Attendance Fee
    • Exam Fee
    • Exam Late Fee
  • Printing of Fee Receipts and Instant SMS alert to Parents.
  • Duplicate Fee Receipt
  • Automatic credit of Previous Balance option
  • Automatic carry forward of current year fee due as Previous Balance for next year
  • Instant Display of current and previous  year payment history
  • Fee Reports like fee paid list, fee due list, Fee Due Abstract,  Fee Ledger will be generated in few seconds
  • Opening and Closing Balance, Cash in Counter, Bank statement
  • Fee Due SMS can be sent for entire college  in few seconds
  • Fee Due Labels to  Print
  • Library Late fee and due will be tracked
  • Generating Mini Balance Sheet between any two dates (Cashier can not generate this report for more than 3 days)
  • Day Cash Book
  • Day Cash SMS to partners every evening after closing cash book for the day.
  • Limited Access to Cashier on Concession, Previous Balance, Fee Master Forms
  • Email and SMS notification to Admin if Amount is changed in the system
  • Amount entered into software can not  be changed without Admin permission
  • TC will not be generated if there is fee due for any student. 
  • Due reports can be generated with condition "If Scholarship is not sanction"
  • Entering Head-Wise Expenses data and instant printing of Debit Voucher
  • Head-wise expenses for the selected period
  • for corporate group of at least 20 colleges, we are offering  free Central Display Board through which Corporate people can see live figures of fee collected in all branches and expenses made for the day. 


  • Saving Daily Attendance
  • Saving monthly Attendance
  • Saving Staff Attendance (Using Biometric System)
  • Sending AbsenteeSMS to Parents


  • Entering student marks for All Type of Exams
  • Genarating hall tickets
  • Generating Progresscards
  • Sending Marks SMS
  • analysing Teacher performance and student performanace using graphs
  • Enquiry SMS
  • Enrollment SMS
  • Absentee SMS
  • Fee Paid SMS
  • Fee Due SMS
  • Automaic Birthday SMS
  • Schedule SMS
  • Bus Route SMS
  • Homework SMS
  • Marks SMS
  • Generating Bankstatement
  • Generating payslips and salary statement
Ecollege Mobile App:
  • Specially made for Principals or other Management
  • To view mini balance sheet
    To view Each Student Information
    To send SMS
  • Providing High Security
  • Making 100% data Availablity
  • Maintaing Different Roles And Privileges
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