Choultry Management Software

  • Room Booking/Shifting/Vacating/Cancelling/Reserving
  • Taking Caution Deposit/Making Extra charges/Giving Concession/Refunding
  • Allowing Room Vacation Only Prior To A Specified Time.
  • Shift Management
  • Maintaining Donors Information
  • Maintaining Guest Details
  • Token Management for Each Donor. Sending SMS to Donor if Token is marked as DUE.
  • Hourly Basis Global Updation of Token Utilization Of All Donors (required In case Of Multi Cottages) Inserting rows in pending updation in case net is not available and services will update token info at all servers once net connection is resumed.
  • Maintaining Information of Other Donations to the organization other than room booking.
  • Authenticating User at Every Level For eg. While giving concession/taking Office Credit etc.,
  • Generating Different Types Of Reports to help Management to Manage and Control the system
  • Sending Message to Registered Admins about Rooms Info, Daily Donations at a scheduled time every day.