RealEstate Information System

  • Maintaining Location Info/Ventures Info
  • Plot s Management
  • Maintaining Each Plot’s Demographic Info
    Keeping Track of Plot’s current Status

  • Plot Booking Management
  • Committing Plot Allotment For one of the Different Payment Options
    Receiving Admission Fee/Booking Cost/Allotment Cost/Down Payment/EMI
    Changing Status Of Plot in each step of Plot Allotment Transaction Keeping Track Of Payment History of each plot booking transaction

  • Agent Management
  • Maintaining Hierarchy Of Agents
    Committing Agent Commission For Each Plot Booking
    Crediting Commission for each receipt of committed plot
    Maintaining Ceiling Amount For Each Plot

  • Customer /Booked By/Guarantor/Enquiry Info management
  • Expenses Info Management
  • Generating reports such as Customer Payment History/Agent Commission Payment History/Today Plot Sales/Mini Balance Sheet
  • Sending SMS
  • Automatically Sending SMS to customers for Reminding about down payment Dues/EMIs on a Scheduled time prior to Due Date
    Sending Birth Day/Wedding Anniversary/Festival wishes to Customers/Agents