Choultry Management Software


                Important Features of Chowltry Management System (CMS)

  • Give Total control on Room Booking-Vacating Process making it faster, transparent and accurate. There is no chance of making manipulation or fraud in this process.
  • Track free rooms or discounted rooms given to each room donor.
  • Captures Primary Occupant Photo and ID proof details and saves in FTP server. Photo of Primary occupant photo will also print on Caution deposit slip.
  • Allow to cancel or shift rooms within 30 minutes .Every such Activity will be logged.
  • Allow to block rooms during Peak Festival Period. Such rooms can be booked through admin pass-code.
  • Allow to edit receipt amount only through support call. Such activity is to be approved by In-charge. Record of all such approvals will be saved and included in the monthly reports provided to the Management.
  • Send daily SMS to the selected Management group at 9AM informing yesterday’s day cash amount and current day available and booked rooms’ status.
  • Send SMS to the room donor if any guest avails free room on donor name.
  • Provide Android Mobile App that displays Available-Booked rooms and donations collected on that day. App will also display instant detailed day-cash report.
  • Generate different printable reports like day-cash report, Not vacated list, Mess report, occupancy report etc.,
  • Be so very user friendly that any new person can start booking rooms with a 15 minutes demo.
  • Assign separate user name and password to each user with rolls and privileges.
  • Provide free support for the first year.
  • Work in LAN mode means it does not need internet to run. But to get help and online backups internet connection is required.
  • Integrate with online room booking project (which is separately charged) in future.